What is i26

i26 is the most exciting functional food product on the market. It works by promoting a balanced micro flora environment within the gastrointestinal tract, also known as the gut. i26 also partners with your immune system (70% of your immune system is in your gut) to stimulate proper function. This patented product contains two key elements that result in health benefits extending to all parts of the body.

1. Immunoglobulins - The immunoglobulins presented in i26 fight destructive bacteria in your gut. These are scary creatures like pathogenic strains of E Coli, Klebsiella and Streptocaucus pyogenes, to name just a few. i26 contains natural immunoglobulins that attach themselves to destructive pathogens helping keep their growth in check. By providing your body with an increased supply of these immunoglobulins you ensure yourself added protection against an imbalance of bad to good bacteria that can cause many issues. Your body has 10x the number of bacteria than cells, click to read.

2. Cytokines - The Key to Immune System Balance
Cytokines are immunomodulating agents such as interleukins and interferons. They regulate your bodies response to infection, inflammation and trauma(1) Some of them are pro-inflammatory, these are necessary to initiate an inflammatory response necessary to fight disease and begin the healing process caused by trauma. Excessive chronic inflammation however is sometimes the cause of certain diseases including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and has even been linked to cancer. This is why your body also has other cytokines that are anti-inflammatory and serve to reduce inflammation and promote healing once the injury/infection/foreign body has been destroyed.(1) Depending on the bodies need it will use these different types of cytokines to its benefit. That is only possible if your body has enough of these signaling proteins to use. I26 contains large amount of both types of cytokines. The developers of i26 were even awarded patent protection for the function of these cytokines within i26. The first type of cytokine is referred to as a CAF or Cytokine Activating Factor, US Patent 6,420,337. This type is used to activate the inflammatory immune response. The second type is a CIF or Cytokine Inhibitory Factor, US Patent 7,083,809. This type of cytokine signals the immune system to stop the inflammatory response. The proper supply of both of these types of cytokines can result in a well functioning immune system.

i26 is not a drug but rather a functional food that helps your system establish a balanced environment within the gut. This balance of good to bad bacteria along with the addition of proper immune response leads to long term health benefits few if any other product can offer. It really does not matter what your particular health challenge is, your immune system is involved. If it is not working properly you have problems.

How long before you see results?
The imbalance you most likely are living with did not happen over night. Bringing your system back into balance is a process but probably not as long as you imagine. It is important to consistently take the product for a minimum of 30 days. However some people report positive results within 7 days.

Once you feel and see results simply stay on the product. The active elements in i26 are like food and only work for your system when present.

1. a b Dinarello CA (August 2000). "Proinflammatory cytokines". Chest 118 (2): 503–8. doi:10.1378/chest.118.2.503. PMID 10936147

Is Chronic Inflammation Dying To Kill You?


What do cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and obesity have in common?
You got it! CHRONIC INFLAMMATION - The Silent Killer! Almost every major health challenge known today has one thing in common... underlying chronic inflammation. If you're suffering today with serious health challenges, chances are, misdirected inflammation is an underlying cause. Even aging is accelerated!

So what's the answer to taming chronic inflammation? Make sure your immune system is functioning properly! Pharmaceuticals used to "stifle" immune response is rarely the answer to your pressing health challenges. Neither is an over-reactive immune response always a move toward better health. Finding balance, the "right amount of inflammation" can be dispatched to begin the appropriate healing response when you're under attack, but doesn't hang around after your issue is solved.

Don't push. Don't pull. Instead... seek balance for your immune system. The immunoregulatory cofactors in i26 (CIF and CAF see above) help your system deliver a balanced efficient response to illness and trauma. i26® is listed in the Physician's Desk Reference. It has also been the subject of many clinical studies proving its benefits. i26® has also recently been NSF Certified®.

i26® is NOT a drug - No need for a prescription!
Pharmaceutical drugs treat specific diseases. Immune 26® does not treat or cure specific diseases - rather, it simply supports a balanced response within immune function. Many health professionals do use and recommend i26® products, practicing "well care" instead of "sick care".

Order i26® today - Use it for 90 days risk free. Get results or get a refund!
Watch the videos to learn more; peruse the store, order your products now, and begin your journey to improved health, well-being, and real balance. Try them for a full 90 days, and if you are not thoroughly convinced by your personal results, simply call for your full refund.


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