My chemo medication for the last 4 treatments were Docetaxel and Carboplatin. My oncologist warned me that these meds were twice the strength of the first four and that the side effects, unfortunately would be worse than expected for the first series.

I increased my servings to 15 to 20 servings of hyperimmune egg. Except for a delayed loss of taste and occasional tiredness I had few effects. People who saw me, especially my co-horts, remarked numerous times how great I looked they couldn't even tell that I was undergoing chemotherapy. I continued on my daily 2 mile walks, did all my household chores including shopping and traveling [sometimes by subway] to all my appointments by myself prepared my own food, and maintained my T-cell counts so that I never missed a chemo treatment.

Thanks to the excellent care of my clinic physicians and the rest of the staff, my tumors are in remission. I am also grateful that the hyperimmune egg appeared to contribute to my quality of life and made my ordeal less arduous.

G.F., FL

This is an update to the video statement that I made a few months ago. I have been on the i26 for 7 months now and I have not had an Asthma attack yet. I have not had to use my Ventolin inhaler at all since starting with the product back in June of last year. I am very pleased with the results and I am very grateful to the person that showed me this product as it has changed my life. I no longer depend on that inhaler to survive. I wish my mom had known about this product when I was growing up but the good thing is I have it now and I will take the i26 for as long as I live.

Patty Witrado, AR
January 2013

This is a factual account of how the LegacyForLife product Immune26 helped me through my fight against cancer of the colon. In August 2008 I was diagnosed with cancer in my cross colon and scheduled for an operation in November 2008. I did not panic and whilst discussing the various options with my wife, I remembered Immune26 which I had been introduced to several years previously. I ordered a quantity via a friend of mine in New York and took the product right up to my operation. The operation turned out to be problematic and took around 8 hours.

I continued taking Immune26 after the operation and right through the following chemotherapy. I made such a rapid recovery that I was discharged from hospital, much to my surgeon's amazement, on the fifth day after the operation. My surgeon said that for a man of my age I had made an almost miraculous recovery and that many guys half my age took around 3-4 weeks to recover.

On the day of my discharge I actually accompanied my wife down to the beach and sat there while she took our dog for his customary walk. My oncologist prescribed a 9 month course of chemotherapy as they suspected it may have spread into my liver. I can best describe the course of chemo as a doddle. I honestly had no major symptoms at all. I have since had several mandatory check-ups which have so far indicated I am clear. I am certain that taking the Immune26, which built up and regulated my immune system, helped me to cope so well with the cancer and the after treatment. I heartily recommend the product to everybody, and I now take the product every day and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Yours Very Sincerely,
John D. Hanley, UK

I have been taking i26 just since last Thursday (about 1 week) and have noticed already numerous positive effects. First let me explain that I am a 54 yr old overweight woman. I have suffer from fibromyalgia for years, you name the medication I have no doubt tried it and I can tell you all the side effects that experienced with them. As of two months ago my rheumatoid doctor told me I should be think about going on disability by the end of 2013. You see when I get up in the morning I am stiff not just a little I can literally stand up go to more a leg and fall over. Yes, just like the "tin man". At work if I sit too long same effect. It is hard to sleep at night due to the pain therefore I am tired during the day. So I am tired, can't move well this results in no exercise and not losing any weight.

Now that is what I was dealing with prior to last Thursday. I took the i26 Thursday but did not expect to see any results right away. Even with all the medications I have taken that don't start right away. Except for Darvocet I took 6 of those per day. Does that give you an idea of the pain? So I get up Friday morning careful as usual to get out of bed to see which leg had more mobility and they both did! They were still stiff but I could move around without fear of falling. I went to bed Friday night and for the first time in a long time I slept all night! When I woke up on Saturday and seen I had slept into 6:30 I was fearful I would fall. I didn't! I actually was quite mobile still some stiffness, but I felt so good that I took our two dogs for a walk! That is totally unheard of for me. I went through the day with more energy and clarity. Yes, clarity, when you don't get enough sleep you feel like you are in a fog. I did not have the fog and I stayed up until 10:30 sewing! I had energy!

On Sunday after two walks with the dogs I decided to weigh myself. I had lost 5 pounds since Friday! Now what you need to understand here is that I lost 60 pounds last year and 50 pounds the year before. I have kept that weight off but it comes off so slow. I think the weight loss was a combination of the i26 making it possible for me to move around and I eat better. I am elated with the progress I have made and it has not even been a whole week! I now have big plans for this year so look out!

Extremely appreciative,
Becky Jo Layman, IL

My family, Sam 17, Allie 15, Zac 12, Jacob 11 as well as my wife Jenni, mother Glenda, 4 brothers and 2 sisters have been using i26 for 2-4 years (brothers come along later) have only been sick 3 times collectively in that time frame. My kids have needed only 1 antibiotic in 4 years for swimmers ear. I am not sure about other families but when your kids NEVER miss school (besides to play hooky with dad) that is special and sometimes hard for others to believe but it is the truth! Click here for Audio

Francis Marino, OK

I have been a customer of immune26 since 1998. At that time I was suffering from a number of severe problems that began following a car accident in 1986. Among other things, I was getting sick a lot and was on antibiotics multiple times per year for over 10 years. I also became very allergic to a number of things and my heart would skip as many as one beat out of every four when I was exposed to certain foods dried herbs and perfumes and started to use Ventolin for asthma related to these allergies. Since including immune26 in my diet beginning in 1998 I have only needed antibiotics 4 times (teeth related issues), have not needed Ventolin and have not experienced the heart skipping allergies. I will never be without the support of this wonderful immune support food and recommend it for everyone.

Dr. Dennis P. Steigerwald, NY

I started taking I-26 when I became a distributor for Legacy For Life. At the time I was living as if I was always tired and run down with no ambition. I wasn't but a few weeks after I started taking i26 that I started doing yard work and projects around my home again. I was also taking Vicodin ES at that time for pain in my back, hip and leg. What started happening after i26 I went from taking around five pills a day to taking one in the morning and one at bed time. I did that and was happy. Then one day I was trying to recruit a man into my Legacy business and was telling him my story of reducing my Vicodin ES need from five to two. He asked me what would happen if I just stopped all together. I said I might go back in pain again but I thought why not try and see what happens and I haven't taken a Vicodin ES since, and that was four years ago!

Vincent Cunningham, NJ

In 2001 my girlfriend had been going thru a difficult time. She had lost her father and a sister in the same year and was traveling 300 miles every other weekend to be with her mother. She was worn out and depressed. I sent her two cans of "BioChoice" (that's what i26 was called back in 2001) because I had experienced relief from severe joint pain when I started taking it. She also had back pain and, after about 10 days we were IM'ing over the internet and she told me that she didn't think it was doing anything for her (back pain). That was on a Thursday evening. The following day she left to see her mother and we didn't communicate until that Sunday.

When she came on the internet that Sunday night her first words were, "Dan, you're not going to believe this... but I FEEL WONDERFUL!" She couldn't explain it, but just all of a sudden she felt good and was out of her depression. This surprised me... I had sent her the i26 for back pain and not only did it help that but it also had a very positive effect on her state of mind (depression).

Like most people who take supplements, I have a tendency to put off taking what is good for me when I feel good. So I stopped taking the i26 for a good spell. In the last year Connie lost her mother and a brother to cancer. Didn't know it at the time, but Connie had gone into a pretty bad depression. Neither of us understood what was going on but her attitude towards me was very negative. So much in fact, we had discussed separating because there was no affection in our relationship. I got back with Legacy the early part of June. When my first shipment of i26 arrived I put Connie on two scoops a day. Once again... about ten days later she went to work on a Friday morning... that evening when she came home she was a totally different woman from that morning. Just all of a sudden she felt the love and passion for me that she seemed to have lost! It happened just that quickly. Neither of us will stop taking 126 again, and I've decided to start building a lucrative Legacy business by sharing information about i26 with as many people as I can!

Daniel Berry, AR

Daniel and his wife Connie both had great results with i26 themselves and decided to give Teddy some Legacy Dog Chews and, well, the rest is history... just watch this fun 4 minute YouTube:

I have been using i26 products for almost 10 months now. I sprinkle the powder on my salads when I make one, I also put some in smoothies either from scratch in my vita-mix or Silks protein and juice drink. I also mix some in small fruit and yogurt cups. I have been sleeping better, have more energy and able to deal with stress better, since using it. I also give it to our pets. The vet wanted to know why our cocker spaniel dog Tonka doesn't get ear infections because its unusual for long eared dogs not to get ear infections. I told her that it's because of i26.

Kathy Thera, FL

Prior to using i26 I was sick and tired all the time, going to the doctor often for infections and stomach issues from IBM to stomach acid problems. I started using i26 every day and noticed a difference within 10 days. I now sleep great, feel great and have more energy. I keep taking i26 regularly and my stomach issues are gone and I have only been on antibiotics 3 x's in the past 11 years. I was so happy with my results, I shared i26 with Rambo Brown!

Debbie Brown, TX

My name is Rambo Brown. I'm a Schnauzer from Plano Texas. Last week I ate something reeeeally bad out in the back yard and I was sooooo sick at my stomach I didn't even want to eat anything else. My mommy gave me i26 in a little water throughout the day. There were times where I didn't even want that but she made me do it anyway. By Sunday I was feeling much better and on Monday I was back to myself again. I highly recommend you give i26 to your furry friends because you never know what they might eat.

Rambo Brown, TX

Hello everyone, I am an RN and a Legacy for Life Distributor from Kentucky. I am excited about everyone who tells others about I-26!!! As an RN, I can assure I-26 is the safest, across the board for all ages, best supplement I have ever found!!! Yes, and I do research everything I come across!!!

Charlene Kelley, KY

Recent email from Charlene: Dr. Dennis, On the call today, 11/19/12, you talked about a recipe that would be invaluable for my market. You spoke about making i26 freezer pops for a dying AIDS patient that helped her. That's amazing! Plus, while I knew you should not heat i26 above 140 degrees Fahrenheit, I didn't know that we could freeze I-26, this is great news. Second, as an RN, I can tell you that there are many ways to use a popsicle delivery system for any number of health situations like cancer patients with nausea, children both well and sick, Crohn's patients, autistic children, any nausea/vomiting cases and pregnant women, etc. As you know, I have been an RN for 35 years and treated many cases. So, what a great idea!!! Please post the popsicle recipe.

Sincerely, Charlene Kelley

Charlene, Yes! Freezing does not harm i26 in any way. You can recommend that people sprinkle i26 powder into their beverage of choice (non-carbonated) e.g. sugar free Koolaid, Gatorade, etc. and then place the liquid into a "popsicle tray" to be frozen. The result is a treat that they will look forward to, embrace and enjoy (even the most finicky of kids... and adults). Simply adjust the amount of i26 according to the needs of the person.

My name is Charlene Kelley and I'm and RN in Kentucky. I've already told some of my story about i26 and the amazing health benefits I've seen by giving it to patients, friends and family but this happened recently, and I wanted to share this story about my 86 year old aunt. She has been a diabetic for 21 years and has been on oral medication. I encouraged her to take i26 and even though she was inconsistent taking it (1 serving a day) her overall health improved. Recently her blood chemistry took a turn for the worse (e.g. hemoglobin A1C- 8.7) and the doctor was considering putting her on insulin. I confronted her and got her to take 1-2 servings of i26 2x per day faithfully. She did and her A1C blood marker came down to a normal 6.7 within a short period of time. THAT IS AMAZING! I know i26 does not cure anything but what a wonderful thing an immune system in balance is. OK, I might as well tell you this as well. My mom started on i26 8 years ago, when she was 85, and has had only 2 colds since. She is now 93 years young. I love this stuff.

i26 works its magic!
Osteo Arthritis is painful but also can cause restrictive range of motion as was my situation in my right shoulder. In addition to arthritis I also had guttate psoriasis for more years than I care to recall. The psoriasis was manageable to a degree, meaning I could deal with it but really needed a solution for the arthritis besides drugs or surgery. In 2001 I began to learn about my body and all my conditions hoping to at least know what was going on inside me. Luck was on my side one day when I came across i26. A few months after learning as much as possible in that time frame about my immune system and i26, it was time to try it. A dosage of three times a day was suggested which I did for three months and then went to twice a day for another three to four months with a continued usage of once a day. Results were nothing short of amazing. Psoriasis went into total remission in 30 days. After three months the arthritis pain had greatly diminished. New X-rays showed there was healing of previously damaged areas. By the end of the first year I was back in shape with no signs of any disorders. Years later the conditions have remained in remission. i26 was able to help my immune system keep the cause of my psoriasis under control. There were a number of wonderful health benefits that i26 enabled my system to produce, things you will never get from a drug or vitamin.

John Russo

I have been a customer of i26 since 2003. Once I started on i26 I experienced relief from arthritis in my ankles, hips and shoulders but from 2010 through 2011 I decided to try a product called Colostrum in lieu of i26, however, the arthritis in my ankle joints became worse and got so severe I had to stop exercising. Being a walker and jogger, I decided in December of 2011 to get back on i26 and Flex from Legacy. Within 1 week I was back doing 30 minute walks through our beautiful city park without my ankles locking up on me. Also, my blood pressure the last few years has been border line high. I recently had a medical physical after being back on i26 for a year and it's down to 120/80. Just another reason why I take i26 every day! I'll never be without these products, and now I really enjoy sharing the Legacy products and this business opportunity with other people.

Wally Johnson, UT

I had a severe bout of acid reflux about 8 years ago and after an endoscopic exam, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, irritable bowel and gastritis. I was given Prevacid which didn't work. Then I was given Nexium which worked somewhat for the acid reflux but didn't help for my other symptoms. I didn't want to take Nexium for too long because of the side effects and I decided to take 2 scoops of i26 everyday. After a few weeks all my symptoms disappeared. I now take 2 scoops of i26 every other day, and I haven't suffered from acid reflux or my other symptoms to present.

Jacky, NY

My name is Oliver Steigerwald (aka Olliebear) and I've been on i26 for 10 years. I have a huge territory with lots of wild animals (including feral cats) to deal with. The vet my Mum and Dad drag me to says I'm in tip top health even though he can tell from the scars that I have been in lots of nasty fights... he says my heart beat is great and I have very good gums! Thanks Mum for i26 because I HATE going to the vet, and I know Dad doesn't like paying for it!

Oliver Steigerwald (aka Olliebear)

Two years ago I went to rescue a cat. When I got to the shelter the cat I came to see was sick, emaciated, literally tottering around and near dead. A voice said: "i-26 is all he needs.", so I took him in anyway. On i26 he gained four pounds in two weeks and his fur shined up. He got two good years here at the cabin and died in my arms recently. His name was Spooky. My previous cat was on i26 for much of his latter life. He lived to be NINETEEN. A fine huge Healthy boy till nearly the end. I take i26 and Eico Balance every day and I just had a short bout with a mild cold, first one in many years. It works. :-) I tell folks, I don't go to doctors, I take i26 instead.

James Mitch Langen, NC

After 3 weeks on Immune26 my psoriasis which was broadcast all over my body has improved at least 80%.I have spent thousands of dollars on medications and doctors with little or no results over the past 30 years. I am ecstatic!

Katie, CA

I was told to expect 3 months of exterior and interior shingles. Immune26 gave me overnight relief and am doing yard work, walking faster and feeling better by the day.

Earl, age 70

I have been using every minute of every day preparing for a trip, which we will be making in a large motorhome. (I have been concerned also about my brother who has been on a ventilator [heart condition] for a time and is still in intensive care.) There are nine of us making this trip, and preparations go on and on. Everyone is pitching in, but there is always more to do. My husband says he doesn't know where I'm getting the energy to do all I'm doing, because [as a diabetic] my sugar had been up. However, now that we have been on Immune 26, well that must be it. I have noticed great improvement in my sugar count. Those had been high, as high as 168 and above a few times and lately no lower than 150, sometimes 140. My readings now are 78, 100, 102, 98, and even lower! This is amazing, because with all this strain, I am under at this time it has been good... I'm feeling great.

Thanks, Judith

I am a 65 year old male with muscular dystrophy and have now been on Immune26 for 3 weeks. The stiffness and weakness in my legs has been reduced by 80% in this short time. Thank for introducing me to this wonderful product.

Jack W.

I broke my ankle six years ago and had to have pins in it for about two years. After consuming immune26 for about 45-60 days, I noticed my joints were more flexible. I was able to wear a 3-inch heal to a Christmas party!

Terry, CA

The medications and exercises the doctors prescribed did little to ease my joint issues. After three weeks of taking immune26, I noticed an increase of energy and my joints felt healthier and more flexible. I have now returned to many activities I thought I would never be able to do again. I feel better than I have felt in many years!

Paula, OR

I have been on the Immune26 now for a couple weeks and I have noticed a significant decrease in my allergy symptoms! I was constantly blowing my nose, before getting on the product, and now I don't suffer at all!

Craig W.

In Oct 2000, I suffered a slipped disc that put me into extreme pain and into the hospital. I was bed-ridden for two months and have undergone extensive rehab - however pain has been my constant (unwelcome) companion ever since. This morning I discovered that my back is now pain-free, after only 3 weeks on Immune26 - at the rate of 1 scoop per day! What a welcome relief!

Frank S.

I had a phone conversation with a dear friend in the Chicago area tonight. She told me about her 7 year old grandson named Noah who has had a history of asthma. They began giving him Immune26 Support about a month ago, and even in the hot, humid weather of Chicagoand during their recent trip to Mississippi, Noah's asthma symptoms were much improved. Noah realizes that Immune26 makes the difference in how he feels and asks for it daily. Isn't this exciting?


This testimonial was shared with me by a lady who reported her mother having total paralysis right side, loss of memory, and unintelligible speech as a result of a stroke in May 2000. According to Gail, she started her mother on Immune26 Support in October, some 5 months later, and after boosting her dosage of this natural supplement to twice the maintenance dose, prior to Christmas, her mother went from being wheelchair bound to a walker to a 4 pronged cane to a cane to no cane along with almost complete recovery of her memory and speech.

The Greatest Wealth is Health,
Dr. Bob

I am 62 years old and am in the plumbing and heating business. After 25 years in this trade I have experienced the usual neck, back and arthritis problems. As well, I have always had stomach problems as long as I can remember. In 1993, I was involved in a serious car accident resulting in back, neck and leg injuries. The prescription painkillers caused my stomach to be inflamed. I soon learned that to get pain relief I had to suffer with excess stomach acid & discomfort. Over the years since the accident my arthritis has grown continually worse and I have been on Prednisone, Celebrex and Arthotec to combat the pain & discomfort. This affected my stomach so bad that I could hardly eat any foods that I liked. I came to the conclusion that my body could not continue to sustain this kind of damage so I set a goal to get totally off these medications. I had heard about Immune26 some time before I was actually able to order the product in Canada so when a friend told me about a new product for the immune system I immediately signed up and purchased the product. Within 3 days of taking Immune26 I felt so good that I decided to take a chance and quit my medication. That was over 2 months ago and I have not taken any anti-acids or stomach medication since that time. My arthritis, aches and pains are far less now than when I was taking the drugs and now I have no side effects that bother my stomach. I feel I am able to do more at work and around the house without suffering the consequences of the arthritis. Thank you Immune26, I whole-heartedly recommend this to anyone suffering as I have.

Ralph R

3 years ago I herniated 2 discs in my lower back. L4/5 & L5/S1 and also had a bulging Disc at L3/4. I almost had back surgery but do to various modalities of healing, (acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, energy healing work, etc) I was able to avoid it. My recovery took many months but I was always left with some back pain and sciatica that ran down my right leg to my foot. I also had chronic pain in my muscles which I now believe was fibromyalgia due to the traumatized area. My friend introduced to immune26 and in 4 days I was pain free for the first time in 3 years. I have been on the immune26, 3 serving a day for about 7 weeks and have had no pain come back. I am also sleeping like a baby and getting up at 5 am and working until 9 at night without an afternoon nap. My gums are nice and pink again for the first time in years and my digestive system works like clockwork with better bowel movements then I has had in years. I love immune26 and will take it forever and tell as many people as I can about it.

Ricky B

The athletes I work with are under constant physical stress and their joints, muscles, tendons, and bones take a serious beating. We run hard and play hard. Since my athletes began taking Immune26 our injury rates are down and our recovery rates are up. Tell your friends about it but please keep it from my competition!

Sheri W.
Pro Basketball Consultant

Many of you know that Brenda has had VERY high cholesterol 244 and triglycerides 781! About one month ago she stopped taking her meds, with the exception of Lipitor. She added immune26, a product made from eggs, and designed to enhance the immune system.... she has been taking the product TWICE a day (mixed in 1% choc milk)... Her doctor's office just called and said for her to keep taking her "MEDS" because her cholesterol had dropped to 203 and the triglycerides had dropped to 372! WE ARE ELATED!

I said I would keep you informed on the effects of using Immune 26 to lower the Cholesterol & Triglycerides: In February, 2001, Brenda's Cholesterol was 244 and Trig was 781 April, 2001 Chol 203 Trig 372 May 25, 2001 Chol 196 Trig 332 HDL 43 LDL 95. Both are in the normal ranges This lowering of the Cholesterol and Triglycerides is a direct result of using Immune 26 for a period of TWO MONTHS.

Yours in Health,
Paul & Brenda H

I just started taking Immune26 in April. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 16 years, and been disabled for the last 8. Within the last month, my energy has returned to pre-sickness levels. I am so excited. I hope to get some doctors who treat CBS and fibromyalgia recruited.

Kuan T

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1997, the medications and exercises the doctors prescribed did little to ease the pain and stiffness. After three weeks of taking Immune26 I noticed an increase of energy and relief from the pain. I have now returned to many of activities I thought I would never be able to do again. I feel better than I have felt in many years!

Paula, OR

About two months ago I began to spend more and more time in bed and when up felt more and more fatigued. At some point I found out I had Hepatitis C antibodies in my blood. On further testing I was told I definitely had the virus. I had the classic symptoms of Hepatitis C. Fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, loss of appetite, and mental impairment including unclear thinking, loss of memory, and just a general lack of focus. I was introduced to Immune26 and began taking 1 scoop a day as recommended for normal use. I did try a second scoop soon after but mostly forgot as I was taking it later in the day, not both scoops together. This went on for a month and I did feel some improvement and I was considering trying something else. But, after communicating with Dr. Greenblatt I decided to up my dose to 4 scoops, all in the morning. Well, after 14 days I woke up early, as I had begun doing better overall, and for the first time in months felt normal. This was a vast improvement and was also the first day I didn't feel tired at any point in my day. On the 16th day I awoke with unbounded energy. That was the best day I could remember for so long. I won't say everyday is like the 16th day but I can say I went from 50 - 60% to 95 - 98% in energy and overall well-being. All I did was Immune26, nothing else, other than vitamins I had been taking for years. I found it hard to be really happy during this time of feeling bad ever day but now I can say I am happy!

Bill K.

Every year for as long as I can remember I have suffered from numerous colds and viruses from October until early spring. Since taking Immune26, I have not suffered at all! At the slightest sign of a cold I double my dosage and within days the symptoms have passed.

Lisa W, England

I am so excited about the freedom from pain in my legs!! I have these terrible varicose veins in my legs and this has prevented me from walking any real distance without pain. I remember walking with my grandson, who always loves to go on hikes and I went about three blocks and told him we would have to turn around and go home, because my legs felt like wood and I knew that would start into pain. I was literally crying on my way back and my grandson felt so badly about it. My doctor told me to wear these heavy stockings of silky looking elastic. I knew I could never wear them so I never purchased them, because for one thing they were so expensive and being a person who cannot tolerate the heat, I just didn't waste the money. Here's the wonderful thing about Immune 26, which we have been taking for about two months. I went for a walk with my husband the other evening and as we walked I told him we could not go to far, knowing my past experiences with walking, but to our amazement, I was not just walking, I was running and could not stop. I was so excited, we went over a mile and a half. I felt as though I could have walked all night! We were all excited, because when I came home and started to prepare our evening meal, and still had all that energy we knew it was the bio choice Immune 26 working on my circulatory system, the veins in my legs, had been feeling a little strange when I slept about a week before this and I wondered what it was. My husband and I talked about it and as non professional, we could just assume it was the blood vessels being cleared of toxins or whatever hampers the good use of our veins! I am also a diabetic and my readings have been much lower on my glucose daily test. This is three days later and I have stopped my walking and have so much energy my family told me it looks as though I have the fountain of youth in this product. I thank the Lord for Judith and Frank for sharing the information about such a wonderful product. I can't see how anyone could be without it! We are telling everyone of our friends and anyone we meet about it!

As you may recall I have been under multiple physician care continuously for 3-1/2 years for numerous health challenges. From March, 2000 I went to the Internet to study Alternative Medicine and found Chelation to remove poisons from the body; as well as Dr. Royal Rife's process. Found a Rife practitioner locally in May. In August, 2000 I started 30 Chelation i.v. therapy session with the only Certified Chelationist Physician in Southwest Florida. Later adding DMPS (for arsenic and mercury removal from the brain) and Hydrogen Peroxide i.v. therapy for dead T-cell removal. I continue on the latter 2 mention therapies based upon a designed program with general Chelation maintenance every 7 weeks. Will complete my 2nd round of DMPS and 3rd round of Hydrogen Peroxide Sept. 2001.

I have been on Immune26 for 3 weeks tomorrow and after the 5th day, I no longer have had to worry about the palsy tremors that nothing has handled and I have not taken any afternoon naps as has been recommended by all physicians. Since Chelation I moved from a 2 to 5 hours work to 8 and now with immune 26 I am able to stay up for 12 to 20 hours. I'm thrilled as a high demand marketing strategist for small companies,I can now focus on my consultant business and can now also include Immune26 as an additional business.


Our second son has just told us that his low blood sugar symptoms are not as severe now that he's ingesting Immune26 -- since September. He says his early morning work hours are much more pleasant. He is 30 years old. Aaron is very, very impressed with the product. Also, Immune26 is making a major difference in the health of his wee dog that he gave to me, a toy Pomeranian. ShooShoo had developed a wheezing as she breathed. Six years ago she was born with a hole in her heart, which was repaired by surgery when Shoo was only three weeks old. Thus, her veterinarians have told us that Shoo will probably not live out the normal life span of her breed. Over the last two years we have noticed that her energy levels have lessened considerably. She was unable to dash up the stairs and bound onto the sofa as she had in the past. For some time now I've been giving her Immune26 with her breakfast. Today Shoo's wheezing is gone and she runs up the stairs and jumps up on the sofa with ease. Our family is overjoyed because this small pet delights us.

Your friend,
Judith, CO

I wanted to take a minute and pass along another pet story. I have a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel who has started to show her age. Normally very active and spry, Lacey has been slowing down and has not been able to be as physically active as usual. One thing that has disappointed me is that I've lost my "warm my feet" bed partner as she hasn't been able to jump up onto the bed due to effects of aging. About six weeks ago, I decided to sprinkle some Immune 26 on her food. She loved it! After four days of doing this she startled me one night by springing up onto the bed just like she used to do. I was amazed! After a month, I took her off Immune 26 as an experiment and she was floorbound once more. So, I started her back on Immune 26 again and sure enough, she's once again jumping up with no problem. Immune 26 is a gift to people . . . and equally such for pets! On Lacey's behalf, we thank Legacy for Life for this amazing product.

Karen P.

I am 54 years old and my body has experienced loss of joint and muscle flexibility and depleted energy levels. I was fortunate to have been blessed with two great friends that introduced me to immune26. I started taking it August 2001 and after taking it for three days, I felt energetic and my joints and muscles were healthier and more flexible. Today I am more active during my days and sleeping better than I have in years, thanks immune26.

Inez, AL

I am 63 years old, and as a child and young adult my parents struggled emotionally and financially with my illnesses. I saw doctor after doctor and none of them could help me. I remember complaining to my doctor that I was so tired all the time. In my 40's, my joints were not as flexible as they used to be. In March of 2001, my husband heard of immune26 and ordered it for me to try. I was very negative, but he insisted, he made me the shakes and stood over me until I drank them. After three weeks of taking the shakes I noticed I was sleeping, I had more energy and my joints felt more healthy and flexible. I thank God for immune26!

Lynnette, MO

I had been taking a daily regimen of expensive nutritional food replacement products for about eight months when I just couldn't afford to take it any longer. After about a month off the supplements my right foot started to ache so bad I was having trouble walking. So I went to see a foot and ankle doctor. The ex ray showed a mass of arthritis on top of the foot from an old injury. There were no broken fragments or bone spurs, just a mass and all he could say was arthritis. So he sent me home to continue soaking it daily but was still limping pretty bad and having a hard time getting around. While listening to a radio health show (In Short Order with Sue Vogan) I heard about the hyper immune i26 product and how it helped the immune system with inflammation. That sounded like something that could help so I contacted the company and had a can of the powder sent right away. I was skeptical of course, how could one product change the pain in my foot that was permanently damaged from trauma? Well about 5 days later I started to notice the foot wasn't hurting as much and I wasn't limping or cringing with every step. Within 10 days all the agony and painful symptoms had completely disappeared. I do not understand exactly how it worked but it worked and the pain has not returned.

I also was having a lot of allergy problems itchy eyes, running nose very annoying stuffiness, and the i26 cleared those symptoms and they have not returned. I have had an overall feeling of energetic enthusiasm that I haven't experienced for a long time, can't explain that either. All I know is this stuff really has made a difference in my life. I am not a distributor of the product so I have no financial benefit for this testimony but would highly recommend it to anyone with a compromised immune system, or pain of any kind.

My highest regards to Daniel Berry who gave me the knowledge about this wonderful product, you are a delightful caring person, whom I feel very blessed to have met.

All the best to your success,
Lily Maletta


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